Nikki the Republican’s Take on President Obama’s Osawatomie Speech

Originally Published: December, 2011

President Obama delivered a moving, logical, and surprisingly dual-valued economic speech in Osawatomie, Kansas yesterday (Dec. 6th). Obama outlined the basic economic issues at the roots of the current recession, which is dangerously close to becoming a true depression. He explained that the lack of guidelines and oversight over banks and lenders and financial institutions as a whole, coupled with irresponsible consumers that took “too good to be true” scenarios as their ticket to the next financial class had a hefty hand in toppling the economy.

For once, I agree with Obama; not because he’s eloquent and persuasive and a fantastic public speaker, but because he’s right. Our economy crashed because of a week infrastructure whose legs were too weak to hold up its exaggerated torso. More importantly, Obama danced on the edges of Republican values without discounting those of his own party. He instilled that both workers and companies, students and education systems, those receiving loans and the banks doling them out have equal responsibility in protecting their own investments and finances as well as the economy’s.

Obama’s speech begs a landmark, promising, and simple question: Are Republican tax cuts, interest rates, and responsibility combined with Democratic protectionism, social services and regulations the answer to rebuilding the American economy? Could it be the perfect recipe for a fair, just, and successful economy?

With the onslaught of regulations and laws Obama is attempting to implement, we could very well find out within the next fiscal year. Even as a Republican, it’s worth a shot. Obviously, well-educated financial advisors, CEO’s, and those below them cannot be trusted in a free market. In addition, everyday Americans offered flashy homes and loans cannot be trusted to make their own decisions either. A lightly regulated, “watchdog” type of system could finally, thankfully, be the answer.

My thanks do go out to Obama, possibly for the first time since he stepped into the campaign spotlight prior to his election. With this speech and its proposed changes under his wing, Obama may very well see his chances for a second presidential term take flight. Hopefully, his plans to tax the wealthiest Americans, challenge companies to create more jobs, limit CEO bonuses and give shareholders a stronger voice in the companies they invest in, are genuine efforts to improve the staggering economy and those suffering from it. The sole fear is that these changes will come tied down with red tape and puffed up with dishonest euphemisms that make them sound better than they seem and promise more than they were created to deliver. In an economy like this, even a Democrat deserves a chance to try something new, especially a plan so moderate and simple as Obama’s. All we can do is wait and see, and hope Congress passes the propositions that will keep the economy’s best interests in mind.


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